Cheap Landscaping Ideas And Living Landscapes

Landscaping is not just placing a few different varieties of trees all around the house, you will need some serious research and planning from the very get-go, so as to achieve what you desire.

It is truly unfortunate that beautiful landscaping comes at a great cost but with some proper initial planning you may able to get landscapes of your dreams at a very generous price. We at Living Landscapes are here to help you through it.


  • Easy Maintenance Ground Cover

If you are not willing to spend a lot of money then you need to choose ground covers very carefully. Choosing the wrong type of grass may wreck your decoration and it will empty your pockets quite easily in the long run. So go for easy maintenance ground covers, which are not only the most effective but also a great alternate for grass. You can choose from Thyme, Bishop’s Weed, Lamium etc.

  • Use Homemade Compost On The Soil

If you are going to plant flower seeds then it is imperative that you are also going to buy bags of expensive soil. Always remember plants need the required nutrients but you do not need to provide all of it with the soil. You can easily reduce your costs by mixing homemade compost with the equal amount of soil; your plants will love them.

But unfortunately, most of the people do not have the time or required energy to go through this process. But if you can invest some of your time you can get the desired results at half the cost.

  • Begin With Small Plants

Most of the time customers usually reach for a mature plant when they are buying. This may look good but it isn’t a wise choice. Mostly because it will cost you more money! So try to buy young plants, it will save you money and keep in mind trees grow very fast. There are many small plants which look beautiful and will compliment your landscape perfectly.

Add a small pool in your garden and it will change the looks of your garden forever. If you have space for a bug pool, always go for the small one. It will save you a lot of money and a well designed, small functioning pool will make your residence a very desirable one in time of selling.


  • Retaining Walls

If you can add a retaining wall in your garden it won’t need anything else. Building it with good materials is very important as the life span depends on it. You can even redesign the old one if you have any. These walls can be decorated with small flower pots and various plants and you can even use lights to decorate it.


You can build small designed fences around you house, or you can just cover the backyard. Designer fences will make your house look very beautiful and attractive. There are a lot of materials with which you can build your fences like wood, iron, bricks etc.



So here are the most effective yet the most reasonable landscaping ideas to implement on your property. A beautifully landscaped house always stands out, it will make you proud and it will also help you to sell your house at a significantly higher price.


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